Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Creating a "Honey-Do List" using the Form option in Google Drive

I've received a few requests to share the "Honey-Do" form that I created in Google Drive.  However, I can't share the link because that form only posts to a list that my wife, Amy, and I can see.  You can create your own forms by having a Google Drive account (usually comes with Gmail).

I went into Google Drive and clicked on Create and from the dropdown, selected Form.  I named mine "Honey-Do List" and selected the Books theme.  From there, I added three questions as follows:

Question Title:  What do you need done?
Question Type:  Paragraph Text
Check the box "Required question".

Question Title:  How important is this project?
Question Type:  Scale
Scale values:  1 to 5
Label 1: No Big Deal
Label 5: Highly Important  (these two values can be swapped if you want 1 to indicate highest importance)
Check the box "Required question".

Question Title:  How long should this item take?
Question Type:  Choose from a list.
Enter these options:
   1. 5 minutes
   2. 30 minutes
   3. A few hours
   4. 1 day
   5. More than 1 day
Check the box "Required question".

Click on Done.

Now at the bottom are a few options to customize the confirmation page.

I entered "Your honey-do has been saved to the list!" in the text box.
I left the first box checked.
I left the second box unchecked.
I then checked the third box to allow for responses to be edited.

Now click on Send Form.  You are presented a new dialog box where you can just select the link to copy... select to share the link on a few social media sites... and you can enter in a few email addresses of people you want to use this form.

Click on Done and the form is sent to the email addresses you selected.

Finally, and this is the important part, you want to locate the option that says "Choose Response Destination" just below the menus at the top of the window.

You can choose to have the values saved with the form or sent to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive.  This is what I preferred and had it setup that way.  That spreadsheet I was also able to share with my wife, Amy, so she can make modifications and/or see what I've marked as done (I track the completed items by changing the color of the text or background of that row and it keeps that information when other responses are added later).