Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Define Marriage

So, in this day and age, the question of who should be allowed to marry is coming up.  If, as some of the population believe, marriage should include gay couples, let’s look at what then how marriage becomes defined.  So how would you define marriage throwing out the biblical “one man and one woman” paradigm?

The following imagines such a discussion:

Person 1:  Define marriage that would allow for homosexuals to become married.

Person 2:  Well, I believe it is an agreement reached between two—

Person 1:  I hate to interrupt your definition, but on what grounds can you say that it is only limited to two?  As there is no longer any biblical basis to this definition, you have to throw out all of the biblical limitations because any of them could be considered discriminatory.

Person 2:  Okay, then.  It is an agreement between more than one adult—

Person 1:  Sorry, but I have to interrupt you again… who defines a marriage to only be between adults?  Is it not common in some societies for people to marry as young as 13 or even 10 years old?  How again can you not discriminate if you limit the options marriage?

Person 2:  Fine.  An agreement between more than one human being—

Person 1:  I feel I have to interject that an assumption is being made that only human beings can marry.  I understand that some primates can even speak through sign language and could possibly accept a proposal of marriage.  Are you going to discriminate between interspecies marriages between consenting beings?  Nevermind, we can just skip that one until that issue comes up later.

Person 2:  Sheesh… An agreement between more than one human being that is a union or contract for the purpose of providing specific rights or obligations between spouses.

Person 1:  So, tell me, what would a tax return look like between the married union of Bob, Mary, Steve, Larry, and Julie?  Filing “5 Humans Married filing jointly”?  How do Credit Reports get affected?  Can you apply for a Credit Card and get one for all four of your spouses?  
How does it work with medical insurance when most insurance companies only recognize one spouse?  How does it work if both female spouses are pregnant at the same time and who gets Family Medical Leave for whom?  What about someone deciding to marry their own child (for no specific limitations were given in that definition excluding specific relationships existing already between the human beings) so that they could get insurance covering them and their “spouse” which is cheaper usually than a family plan or “parent & children” plan with most insurance companies.
 We have a situation where the divorce rate will skyrocket when people are only doing it for convenience to handle certain financial/medical situations.  Speaking of divorce, when you divorce one member of the (not couple, but amalgamation of 5 human beings), who gets what percentage?  What defines ownership of property, especially in community property states.  Who pays alimony/child support to whom?  If Bob fathers a child through Julie, if Julie divorces the group, are Steve and Larry also responsible for the child support?  Who even gets the children in a situation where it may be that DNA tests must be performed to find out which child was fathered by which man?
It sounds as if, in order to include what is desired, we could be opening Pandora's box in what else is considered a "right" in the eyes of the law.