Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Goals for 2013

The following is a list of goals I have for 2013.  I do not adhere to the tradition of "resolutions".  These are goals, which means I intend to make a plan to complete each one this year (not just make up something while drunk and then not do it).  This means I also publish this with the intent of being accountable to all of my family and friends.


  • Lose 50 pounds this year (starting weight is 277.6 as of this morning).
  • Run and FINISH the Dallas Marathon in December.
  • Get many more miles in on my touring bike.
  • Get a promotion at work (while this has been promised to happen in the first quarter this year, the sooner the better).
  • Payoff all our debt outside of the house and the Jeep.
  • If Amy can get a job this year, we will replace her van with something much more reliable.
  • Get my Etsy.com business started up.
  • Build a library of lessons for the teens (that we don't currently have, but may show up)
  • Write a few more hymns to add to the church hymnal.
  • Tame the wild jungle that is the back yard.
  • Create a new outfit for Renaissance Festivals.

Getting my garage cleaned up and somewhat organized along with my home office has helped me see the end game for some of these projects because those being left undone made me feel more disorganized and unable to proceed with any projects.

Now it's time to go change the calendars in the house.