Monday, June 11, 2012

Wounded Warrior 10K

This event warranted it's own separate post.
I got up on Sunday at 4:50am... 10 minutes before the alarm would go off.  I ended up surfing the net a little while until it was time to get ready so that DJ could pick me up.  First time I've ever carpooled to an event.  Amy and DJ's wife, Mary, enjoyed sleeping in while the two of us had to get up early.  He picked me up at 5:50am and we were off to Irving.  I ate a pear on the way to the event.
The traffic was not too bad when we got over there, but getting into and through the parking garage to a spot was a slow ordeal.  Seems that everyone is in a hurry to get to a spot, but once they get their spot, they have no qualms blocking other drivers while they slowly cross streets and such.  It was frustrating to see these runners have no consideration for other drivers, but that's society these days.
We got our numbers pinned on our shirts, had a bottle of water each and then left the garage to go to the starting line.  Neither of us had any of the pre-race snacks.  I planned on just having water, but making sure to get it at every water station.  I also intended to run as much of it as possible.
They were running late on the event so everything was about 15 minutes behind schedule.  We finally got to go at 7:30am and I kept up with DJ for about 0.7 miles until my shin splint kicked in.  I pushed myself to finish the first mile and then went to walking.  I walked as fast I as could.
I maintained a long stride fast walk for most of the course.  I was amazed at my splits (shown below).  I was moving far faster than I expected.
As this course was "out and back", it was basically two 3.1 (5K) runs with the same course in reverse.  DJ passed me as he was already heading back about 5 minutes ahead of my time (that's how long I timed myself from the point we passed each other to the point where I was at that same distance heading back).
Not long after at the 4.1 mile mark, I decided to give running another try.  I can't say why, but the shin splint pain never returned.  In fact I felt perfectly fine.  My co-worker, Sam, commented that I may have stretched out the muscles enough (or I was on adrenalin by then).  Either way, I enjoyed running as much as I could after that (but was already pretty worn as I had not been running in weeks).
Of course, with all this, I ended up crossing the finish line basically having two 5Ks completed back-to-back with almost the same finish time on both.  I've NEVER done that before (I have a training loop near the house that I used for training for half and full marathons and I've always done the second and third laps slower).
I got a finisher's medal and enjoyed a small meal of ground turkey scramble (with onions, peppers, potatoes and tortilla strips) and another bottle of water.
After a while, DJ and I returned home to our respective wives to get showered and dressed for a brunch together to celebrate.
The Splits:
Mile 1.0 = ~13:00
Mile 2.0 = 27:40 (14:40 for that mile)
Mile 3.1 = 44:40 (17:00 for 1.1 miles)
Mile 4.1 = 1:00:00 (15:60 for that mile)
Mile 5.1 = 1:13:00 (13:00 for that mile)
Mile 6.2 (Finish) = 1:28:15 (15:15 for the last 1.1 miles)
Results (link):
Charles Martin #2948
Age Group 40-44 Men: 66 out of 74
Overall:  414 out of 462
Chip Time:  1:28:15.3
Pace: 14m14s per mile
D.J. Peters #3109
Age Group 40-44 Men: 59 out of 74
Overall:  350 out of 462
Chip Time:  1:16:53.8
Pace: 12m24s per mile

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