Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 4, Days 1-2

So I start off the week at almost where I was last week.  Two bad days of bad decisions let to the week cancelling itself out. So no more of that now.

Breakfast (6:00am):  two eggs, brown rice cake w/ peanut butter.

Lunch (12:30pm): beans, rice and two eggs, carrots w/ hummus.
I had actually cooked 4 eggs this morning and put half of them in a container with refried beans and rice.  Really good.

I went to the gym alone as Amy was sick and couldn't do a workout today.  I ended up doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, 15 min weight training and 10 min in the dry sauna.  Then I came home and mowed the lawn.

Dinner (6:30pm):  taco salad, refried beans, rice crackers

I cooked up some ground beef as taco meat (using this recipe, I put two tbsp with 1 pound beef).  I scooped up about 1/8 a pound onto a salad with a little refried beans on the side and salsa as dressing.  Awesome.


My weigh-in this morning was better since I lost 1.2 pounds.  Still haven't wiped out last week's three gains, but getting closer to back on track.

Breakfast (6:00am): one plum
I wasn't very hungry, but the plum I had was super sweet and awesome.

2nd Breakfast (9:00am):  spicy chickpea snack, hot & spicy peanuts.

Lunch (11:30am):  Team Potluck at work.
The choices were very limited so I chose to eat outside of my usual diet, but still within limit.  I had beef bulgogi, chicken fried rice, corn salad, veggies w/ hummus and berries.  I had made a pan of brownies and didn't eat any of it beyond licking the knife after cutting up the pan.

After work was my first experience at the new spin class.  I got there at 4:15pm, did 30 minutes of elliptical, picked up the pass for spin class, 15 min of weight training, then went to the spin class, warmed up for 15 min and then enjoyed a full hour spin class.  This guy, Darrell, has a completely different method of leading the class and I loved it.  On the last song, he has the class members sing on the chorus.  It was really fun.

Dinner (7:45pm):  Indian dish from Sunday night w/ rice, two brown rice cakes w/ peanut butter.

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