Saturday, June 9, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Days 4-5

After spin class, I was too worn out for mowing the lawn (regretted that later when it rained Thursday and Friday morning).  For dinner we had leftover pasta and stuff.  I don't recall as I've waited too long to write this blog post.

I woke up Thursday morning to find the scale said 267, which was a loss of 0.4.  I also had a horrible sore throat and nasal passage so I called in sick, took some Nyquil capsules and didn't get out of bed until 12:30pm.

Lunch (2:00pm): scrambled eggs w/ brown rice and turkey pastrami, and some other stuff.
Again, I don't recall much due to how long I waited.

Dinner was something.  I don't remember what, but I think I just snacked on some veggies with hummus and possibly some fruit.

Needless to say, I didn't eat as much this day though the throat was much better in the afternoon (it's hanging around as I write this so I may need to take some Dayquil capsules before heading to church).

Friday morning, I awoke to a number that hardly surprised me due to the lower consumption on Thursday.  I was at 265!

265!  That has more meaning that just losing 2.0 pounds.  I finally crossed another milestone.  The BMI range I was previously in was called "Severely Obese" which is between 35 and 40 BMI.  As of this morning, I was below 35 BMI meaning I'm now in the "Moderately Obese" category.  The next BMI goal is to go below 30 BMI into "Overweight", which is 37.6 pounds away from this point.

My total loss is now 18.8 pounds.

Breakfast (7:45am): omelet w/ turkey (no cheese).
I am getting bored of this but there is very little variety in what is offered downstairs in the cafe.

Lunch (12:00pm):  sashimi salad w/ miso soup and one vegetable eggroll
I didn't have much since this sushi restaurant does not offer brown rice (thus negating ordering any sushi roll or sushi).  The eggroll was the one "off-plan" item I had as a co-worker had bought the appetizer for the three of us.  I'll pass next time.  The main offender here was the sweet sauce on the eggroll (but it was OH so good).

Dinner (6:00pm):  Chipotle burrito salad.
Amy and I treated ourselves to dinner out by going to Chipotle.  I ordered a burrito salad (which means no tortilla and more lettuce) with a small amount of black beans (no rice since I was having beans), fajita veggies, chicken, corn salsa and the hot sauce.  That was it.  Amy ordered a side of guacamole which we split.  Quite filling and so good.

I'll post an update again tonight or tomorrow.  I have the 10K run tomorrow morning so I plan on getting to bed early.

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