Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Day 2

So Amy and I went to Aqua Class together at 6pm (my plans for 5pm spin class were nixed by an accident on the drive home that caused me to get home 30 minutes later than usual meaning the class would already be full). It was a very good workout and I spent some time in the dry sauna afterwards.

We got home and showered and had dinner. It was leftovers from our previous night's dinner (pasta) with a salad in place of the baked sweet potato. However, the key factor, in my opinion, was that we were eating at 8pm which is an hour later than usual.

I weighed in this morning and found I'd gained 0.2 pounds. Disappointing after working out the previous day, but consistent with the last week's pattern of big loss, small loss (or small gain), big loss, etc.

Breakfast (7:45am): handful of chili-lime peanuts.
I wasn't very hungry this morning. I also had no time to fix breakfast and just threw together a lunch (the remaining chicken biryani leftover and a cup of applesauce).

Lunch (12:00pm): Korean chicken bulgogi w/ purple rice, assorted side veggies; miso soup.
My boss took me out to lunch today so it was a challenge to stick to the plan. The purple rice was questionable (the book only mentions brown and black and doesn't mention yay or nay on purple), but I enjoyed it anyway. I avoided the potatoes and the dessert drink afterwards. Quite filling.

I'll try to get spin class on Wednesday afternoon.

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