Monday, June 4, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Day 1

As noted in my previous entry, I weighed in this morning with a loss of 1.4 putting my weight at 266.4. My next goal is to reach 'Apprentice' level, which is 245 or under. So I have lost 3.6 pounds toward that goal and have 21.4 left to go.
I also have 39.4 pounds left to lose to reach 227, which means I cross the BMI chart from "obese" to "overweight". I started with a BMI of 37, which is Obese Class II - Severely Obese. From my starting point of 283.8, that means I'll be 1/3 of the way there when I lose 20 pounds (263.8, only 2.6 pounds away) and 1/2 way there when I lose 30 pounds (253.8). At that point, I will also be at my lowest weight since high school, I think.
Another way of looking at it is that every 14.2 pounds I lose is 5% of my original starting weight. I crossed that line on Friday and lost my first 5%. When I reach the BMI of "overweight" and am no longer "obese", I will have lost 20% of my weight. If I reach my "normal" BMI at 188 pounds, I will have lost 33% or one third of my starting body weight.
For now, I stick to small goals knowing each one leads to the big goal. So here are the upcoming milestones:

  1. Lost 10 pounds

  2. Lost 5% (14.2 pounds)

  3. Lost 18.6 pounds (BMI=35 Obese Class I - Moderately obese)

  4. Lost 20 pounds

  5. Lost 10% (28.4 pounds)

  6. Lost 30 pounds

  7. Reached Apprentice level (lost 38.8 pounds)

  8. Lost 39.4 pounds (BMI=30 Overweight)

  9. Lost 40 pounds

  10. Lost 15% (42.6 pounds)

  11. Lost 50 pounds

  12. Lost 20% (56.8 pounds)

  13. Lost 60 pounds

  14. Reached Jedi level (lost 63.8 pounds)

  15. Lost 70 pounds

  16. Lost 25% (71.0 pounds)

  17. Lost 80 pounds

  18. Lost 30% (85.2 pounds)

  19. Reached Jedi Master level (lost 93.8 pounds)

  20. Lost 33% (95.8 pounds; BMI=25 Normal)

Some groups of these could be crossed in one weigh-in. Others have a range up to 9 pounds between each milestone. However, as you can see, this breaks up my journey into smaller chunks so that each one is achievable. I know I could reach "Lost 20 pounds" this week. In the next two weeks, I may knock out the next two. By the end of the 6 weeks, I may have reached BMI=Overweight. Right know, at the end of two weeks, I've lost 17.6 pounds, if that loss was maintained consistently (it won't be), I would lose 61 pounds. Not realistic, but it does make my hopes of reaching BMI=Overweight (39.4 pounds lost) conceivable before the end of this program. I would also be almost halfway to BMI=Normal.
Enough of that...
Breakfast (7:15am): Baked scrambled eggs
I decided to avoid the nuts for breakfast knowing the salt would only cause some water retention. I'll save them for snacking later.
2nd Breakfast (10:30am): handful of nuts (almonds and chili-lime peanuts)
I was going out to Half Price books with a co-worker for lunch and would not be eating what I brought until after we got back around 12:30pm so I needed something to hold me over.
Lunch (12:30pm): Leftover Chicken Biryani from last week; celery and carrot sticks; three alarm hummus.
This filled me up rather well. I forgot how little rice came with the chicken, but that's the balance I need.
I plan on doing my spin class this afternoon. We haven't decided what to do for dinner, but I need to watch my red meat intake. I stopped my gout medication this weekend as I believe I've had a low-level attack in my left ankle for a few weeks now and just now realized it. Taking a week off the meds to see how the ankle does. If it gets better, I drop the gout medications altogether and hope that this also resolves my limping and shin splints.

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