Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recipe: Taco Soup

The following recipe is from my wife and she has made this twice in the last week (once for the Sabbath Meal at church and once for home as there were no leftovers).  The comments are hers.

Taco Soup

  • 1 lb browned ground beef or turkey (I season meat with my favorite seasonings or salt/pepper)
  • 2 cans pinto beans
  • 3 cans rotel (we like spicy)
  • 2 cans corn
  • 1-2 cans hominy
  • 1 8oz bottle taco sauce (La Victoria Red Taco Sauce has no sugar)
  • Sliced jalapeƱos, optional for your spicy level
  • 1 c water (just enough to make it a little soupy, not chunky like stew)

Put in crockpot on low in morning to be ready for dinner, or high if you have 1/2 day cooking before its served.

(Editor's note:  Depending on the size of the crockpot, you might cut out one of the cans of hominy or Ro-tel.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 4, Days 1-2

So I start off the week at almost where I was last week.  Two bad days of bad decisions let to the week cancelling itself out. So no more of that now.

Breakfast (6:00am):  two eggs, brown rice cake w/ peanut butter.

Lunch (12:30pm): beans, rice and two eggs, carrots w/ hummus.
I had actually cooked 4 eggs this morning and put half of them in a container with refried beans and rice.  Really good.

I went to the gym alone as Amy was sick and couldn't do a workout today.  I ended up doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, 15 min weight training and 10 min in the dry sauna.  Then I came home and mowed the lawn.

Dinner (6:30pm):  taco salad, refried beans, rice crackers

I cooked up some ground beef as taco meat (using this recipe, I put two tbsp with 1 pound beef).  I scooped up about 1/8 a pound onto a salad with a little refried beans on the side and salsa as dressing.  Awesome.


My weigh-in this morning was better since I lost 1.2 pounds.  Still haven't wiped out last week's three gains, but getting closer to back on track.

Breakfast (6:00am): one plum
I wasn't very hungry, but the plum I had was super sweet and awesome.

2nd Breakfast (9:00am):  spicy chickpea snack, hot & spicy peanuts.

Lunch (11:30am):  Team Potluck at work.
The choices were very limited so I chose to eat outside of my usual diet, but still within limit.  I had beef bulgogi, chicken fried rice, corn salad, veggies w/ hummus and berries.  I had made a pan of brownies and didn't eat any of it beyond licking the knife after cutting up the pan.

After work was my first experience at the new spin class.  I got there at 4:15pm, did 30 minutes of elliptical, picked up the pass for spin class, 15 min of weight training, then went to the spin class, warmed up for 15 min and then enjoyed a full hour spin class.  This guy, Darrell, has a completely different method of leading the class and I loved it.  On the last song, he has the class members sing on the chorus.  It was really fun.

Dinner (7:45pm):  Indian dish from Sunday night w/ rice, two brown rice cakes w/ peanut butter.

BSS Journal - Week 3 Summary

Here is the summary of my weigh-ins for Week 3:

  • Week 1 Starting weight: 263.4 (-20.4)
  • Monday: 263.0 (-0.4; -20.8 total) [1 hour Aqua Aerobics class]
  • Tuesday: 261.4 (-1.6; -22.4 total) [30 min Elliptical; 15 min weights]
  • Wednesday: 262.4 (+1.0; -21.4 total) [1 hour Spin class]
  • Thursday: 264.4 (+2.0; -19.4 total)
  • Friday: 263.2 (-1.2; -20.6 total)
  • Saturday: 262.6 (-0.6; -21.2 total)
  • Sunday: 263.2 (+0.6; -20.6 total) [Completed 5K in 41min.]
  • Final weight: 263.2 (-20.6; -0.2 this week)

BSS Journal - Week 2 Summary

Here is the summary of my weigh-ins for Week 2:

  • Week 1 Starting weight: 266.2 (-17.6)
  • Monday: 266.4 (+0.2; -17.4 total) [1 hour Aqua Aerobics class]
  • Tuesday: 267.4 (+1.0; -16.4 total)
  • Wednesday: 267.0 (-0.4; -16.8 total) [1 hour Spin class]
  • Thursday: 265.0 (-2.0; -18.8 total)
  • Friday: 264.8 (-0.2; -19.0 total)
  • Saturday: 265.0 (+0.2; -18.8 total)
  • Sunday: 263.4 (-1.6; -20.4 total) [Completed 10K in 88min.]
  • Final weight: 263.4 (-20.4; -2.8 this week)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 3, Days 6-7


Dinner: Chipotle salad w/o dressing
Amy and I met Gerald and Jessica Saul at Chipotle where I got a salad with chicken, a little rice, fajita veggies, corn salsa, and hot sauce.  Amy and I split some guacamole.


I weighed in and found I was finally losing again with 1.2 lost.  Finally get rid of the three pounds I gained in the prior two days.

Breakfast (9:30am):  Scrambled eggs w/ veggies, chicken sausage and grits.

Lunch (4:00pm):  smoked chicken, brisket, refried beans, brown rice, salad and fruit salad.

Evening Snack (7:00pm): two brown rice cakes w/ peanut butter and turkey pepperoni.


I weighed in this morning and found another loss of 0.6 pounds.  Only 1.2 pounds from wiping out my gain.

Breakfast (8:30am):  Scrambled eggs w/ veggies, chicken sausage and grits.

Morning snack (10:30am):  2 peaches

At 11am, I decided to go for a 5K run.  I walked the first mile to stretch and warm up my legs.  I then started running and was able to run most of the rest of the distance without any shin splints.  That area was sore during cooldown.  So I believe it will be easier to build up again if I continue to do these warmups before running.

Lunch (1:30pm):  turkey pepperoni, brown rice, refried beans and rice crackers.

Friday, June 15, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 3, Days 1-5

Yes, I have been slacking on my blog posts.  Partly out of being super busy this week and partly out of guilt (to be made clear below).

I weighed in at 263.4, a loss of 1.6 from the day before.

Breakfast (7:30am):  turkey omelet (no cheese)

Lunch (11:30am):  leftover chicken biryani, half pickle, applesauce cup
I got to the 24 Hour Fitness spin class too late and it was full.  So I came back home and joined Amy in her Aqua Aerobics class.

Dinner (8:15pm):  Chicken taco salad w/ refried beans and sesame crackers.


I weighed in this morning and found I’d lost another 0.4 pounds.  Now at 263.0 pounds.

Breakfast (7:45am): turkey omelet (no cheese)

Lunch (11:45am):  Red Lobster oven-broiled flounder, wild rice pilaf and salad w/o dressing.
Awesome meal, though I probably should have had the broccoli rather than the wild rice.

I went to the gym today and did 30 minutes on the elliptical attempting to maintain a heart rate of 135 (fat-burning zone) as I read in an article.  I followed it with my first weight-training in months starting with 20 pound free-weights and then dropping to 15 pound.  Gotta take it slow to build up.

Dinner (7:00pm): Last of the Chicken taco salad w/ refried beans and sesame crackers.


I weighed in at 261.4, losing 1.6 pounds again.

Breakfast (6:00am): Three egg scramble with chicken sausage, tomatoes and grits.
Great meal and quite filling.

Followup with my Gout specialist.  Nurse commented that I had lost 18 pounds since my weigh-in 3 months ago.  Nice.  Also, blood pressure was down t 118/74 which was really good.

Lunch (11:45pm):  Thai restaurant - red curry chicken w/ brown rice.
I should have asked for steamed vegetables instead of the brown rice as I ate all of the rice (a full cup).

My last spin class at the NRH 24 Hour Fitness.  I found that the Irving location now offers two classes a week at 5:30pm (on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  This means I don't have to stress to get to the NRH location in time to (maybe) get a pass for the spin class.  I can now go to the Irving location just 10 minutes from work, get the pass, do a weight training session, maybe some elliptical and then attend the spin class finally returning home after most of the rush hour traffic on 183 has passed.  Not a bad deal.

Dinner (7:15pm): Leftover pasta dish, pan-roasted veggies, avocado, celery and hummus.

My weigh-in reflected the bad choice at lunch.  I gained 1.0 to be up to 262.4.

Breakfast (7:45am):  Fruit salad, chocolate muffin, half cinnamon raisin bagel w/ a small amount of cream cheese.
Yes, I broke my diet completely by having this meal.  The company had catered in Corner Bakery for breakfast.  I crumbled under and paid for it.

The irony is that the muffin wasn't all that good (before I would have eaten 2 or 3 of them and not blinked an eye).  It just didn't meet my expectations and really disappointed.  I could feel the sugar buzz start up.  However, I also didn't feel all that great afterwards either.  I crashed early and was rather apathetic the rest of the day.  As I write this post, I'm still feeling a serious craving more more.  Not doing that again, I'm sticking to this through the end.

Lunch (12:30pm):  leftover grilled chicken, celery, carrots and hummus.

Enjoyed a massage at 6pm that helped deal with all the muscle issues from the 10K (my upper thighs took a beating in this massage), the water aerobics class on Monday, the elliptical and weight training on Tuesday and the spin class on Wednesday.  It was very much needed.

Dinner (7:30pm):  grilled chicken, oven-roasted asparagus, hummus, rice crackers.


My weigh-in now showed the horrible breakfast and the effects of water gain taking in that glucose.  I gained ANOTHER 2.0 pounds to put me at 264.4, back under 20 pounds lost.  I was unhappy with myself.  I know what I did wrong and won't do it again.

Breakfast (7:15am): leftover pasta, almonds.
I didn't pack a breakfast so I ate a portion of my lunch for breakfast.

Lunch (11:30am):  last of the leftover pasta, broccoli, hummus, apple.
I ate one floret of broccoli with hummus and felt so tired of that texture that an idea occurred to me.  I took the plastic container the broccoli was in, added a few tablespoons of water and microwaved it with the lid resting on it (not closed tight).  Perfectly steamed broccoli and it made it much more palatable.

Now I am caught up on this week's blogging.  I've pretty much wiped out all the good I did over the weekend and early week in just two days.  Time to make it another loss week and I still have the rest of today and all weekend to do it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Days 6-7

Breakfast (10am):  Chicken sausages, scrambled eggs w/veggies, rice cakes w/ peanut butter
Amy made homemade chicken sausage from ground chicken and seasonings.  It was much better than the turkey sausage we had made before so we are getting closer to what we want.
Today at church was a Taco Bar potluck.  So we made our plans to ensure we would enjoy a meal with everyone by taking the following:  shredded chicken (recipe provided on another post), shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cantaloupe and watermelon.
My mother had brought ground beef taco meat (using a seasoning recipe online that did not use sugar).
Lunch (4pm):  Taco salad, guacamole, refried beans, veggies, hummus, cantaloupe.
The salad turned out great and I look forward to leftovers (we brought home plenty of shredded chicken, shredded lettuce, and tomatoes).  Everything was so good.  I made a celery dip from refried beans, guacamole and salsa mixed together.
I think I had a late afternoon snack of rice cakes w/ peanut butter.
It was necessary to get to bed early for the 5am wakeup time for the 10K on Sunday.
I've posted separately about the 10K here.  So I'll now proceed with what was critical to my weight-loss plan.
I weighed in this morning at 265.0 gaining 0.2 from yesterday.  No surprise, I've mapped out my losses and gains over the last three weeks and my worst days (least lost or most gained) are Tuesday and Saturday and my best days (most lost) are Monday and Friday.  Interestingly, Amy's worst days are Wednesday and Sunday and her best days are Monday and Thursday.
I guess Mondays are good because it is the start of a new week.  So it seems we start off the week renewed on sticking to the plan (both of us because we probably had a gain either Saturday or Sunday).  We are off a day on our worst days and almost in line with each other on our best days.  The averages will change over the next few weeks, but I'm curious to see what the final result will be.
Before my race, I had a bottle of water and a pear.  That was basically my breakfast.  I had picked up water at every station available so I didn't dehydrate too much (I still needed another bottle of water at the finish line).
Afterwards, I went to a booth by MyFitFoods.com.  While I'm not a proponent of purchasing a meal plan, they offered a post race meal consisting of a cup of ground turkey scramble with onion, peppers, potatoes and tortilla strips.  It was a great post race dish that was mostly on my plan (if you leave out the potatoes and tortilla strips, it would haev been perfect).
I weighed myself after getting home from the run and found that, despite all the water, the pear and the scramble, I had lost a full 2.0 pounds.  I could only hope I didn't put that back on with the rest of today's activities.
DJ and I reconvened with our respective spouses at Blue Mesa Grill in Southlake to have brunch and celebrate.
Brunch (11:15am):  scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken fajitas, quiche, guacamole, roasted veggies, cream corn.
Amy and I had allowed ourselves a little cheat today.  This was a small celebration and was not going to happen very often at all.  This permitted a little more leeway on what we could get at the buffet.  We both still avoided the pancakes, belgian waffles, brownies, cookies, pecan bars, etc.
We spent the afternoon shopping in Southlake.  It was a nice break and we got some good deals.
Finally, at home, we had a relaxing afternoon in which I tried to nap, but failed (my legs were still twitching too much from the run).
Dinner (7:30pm):  burger patty, half baked sweet potato, salad w/ salsa as dressing, half avocado, unsweet decaf tea.
Excellent meal prepared by Amy as I was worn out from the run and shopping.  I had already physically checked out for the evening.
Monday morning:
I finally weighed in to end Week 2.  I lost 1.6 pounds on Sunday.  That was 2.8 for Week 2 which is still respectable.

Recipe: Shredded Chicken for tacos

Recipe:  Shredded Chicken for tacos

  • 1 pound of Chicken breasts
  • 1 can of Green Enchilada sauce
  • 1 tbsp Fajita Seasoning
  • 1 cup of water

  1. Pour the can of sauce into a crockpot.
  2. Remove the fat from the chicken and place the breasts in the crockpot doing your best to make sure they're covered by the sauce.
  3. Sprinkle the seasoning over the chicken.
  4. Set the crockpot to low and leave overnight (or start in morning for evening meal)
  5. In the morning (or about an hour before the meal), use a potato masher to shred the chick in the crockpot.
  6. Add 1 cup of water and cover again.

This provides great tasting shredded chicken with much less mess and work for tacos or salads.  Try switching out the sauce and seasoning for different flavors.

Wounded Warrior 10K

This event warranted it's own separate post.
I got up on Sunday at 4:50am... 10 minutes before the alarm would go off.  I ended up surfing the net a little while until it was time to get ready so that DJ could pick me up.  First time I've ever carpooled to an event.  Amy and DJ's wife, Mary, enjoyed sleeping in while the two of us had to get up early.  He picked me up at 5:50am and we were off to Irving.  I ate a pear on the way to the event.
The traffic was not too bad when we got over there, but getting into and through the parking garage to a spot was a slow ordeal.  Seems that everyone is in a hurry to get to a spot, but once they get their spot, they have no qualms blocking other drivers while they slowly cross streets and such.  It was frustrating to see these runners have no consideration for other drivers, but that's society these days.
We got our numbers pinned on our shirts, had a bottle of water each and then left the garage to go to the starting line.  Neither of us had any of the pre-race snacks.  I planned on just having water, but making sure to get it at every water station.  I also intended to run as much of it as possible.
They were running late on the event so everything was about 15 minutes behind schedule.  We finally got to go at 7:30am and I kept up with DJ for about 0.7 miles until my shin splint kicked in.  I pushed myself to finish the first mile and then went to walking.  I walked as fast I as could.
I maintained a long stride fast walk for most of the course.  I was amazed at my splits (shown below).  I was moving far faster than I expected.
As this course was "out and back", it was basically two 3.1 (5K) runs with the same course in reverse.  DJ passed me as he was already heading back about 5 minutes ahead of my time (that's how long I timed myself from the point we passed each other to the point where I was at that same distance heading back).
Not long after at the 4.1 mile mark, I decided to give running another try.  I can't say why, but the shin splint pain never returned.  In fact I felt perfectly fine.  My co-worker, Sam, commented that I may have stretched out the muscles enough (or I was on adrenalin by then).  Either way, I enjoyed running as much as I could after that (but was already pretty worn as I had not been running in weeks).
Of course, with all this, I ended up crossing the finish line basically having two 5Ks completed back-to-back with almost the same finish time on both.  I've NEVER done that before (I have a training loop near the house that I used for training for half and full marathons and I've always done the second and third laps slower).
I got a finisher's medal and enjoyed a small meal of ground turkey scramble (with onions, peppers, potatoes and tortilla strips) and another bottle of water.
After a while, DJ and I returned home to our respective wives to get showered and dressed for a brunch together to celebrate.
The Splits:
Mile 1.0 = ~13:00
Mile 2.0 = 27:40 (14:40 for that mile)
Mile 3.1 = 44:40 (17:00 for 1.1 miles)
Mile 4.1 = 1:00:00 (15:60 for that mile)
Mile 5.1 = 1:13:00 (13:00 for that mile)
Mile 6.2 (Finish) = 1:28:15 (15:15 for the last 1.1 miles)
Results (link):
Charles Martin #2948
Age Group 40-44 Men: 66 out of 74
Overall:  414 out of 462
Chip Time:  1:28:15.3
Pace: 14m14s per mile
D.J. Peters #3109
Age Group 40-44 Men: 59 out of 74
Overall:  350 out of 462
Chip Time:  1:16:53.8
Pace: 12m24s per mile

Saturday, June 9, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Days 4-5

After spin class, I was too worn out for mowing the lawn (regretted that later when it rained Thursday and Friday morning).  For dinner we had leftover pasta and stuff.  I don't recall as I've waited too long to write this blog post.

I woke up Thursday morning to find the scale said 267, which was a loss of 0.4.  I also had a horrible sore throat and nasal passage so I called in sick, took some Nyquil capsules and didn't get out of bed until 12:30pm.

Lunch (2:00pm): scrambled eggs w/ brown rice and turkey pastrami, and some other stuff.
Again, I don't recall much due to how long I waited.

Dinner was something.  I don't remember what, but I think I just snacked on some veggies with hummus and possibly some fruit.

Needless to say, I didn't eat as much this day though the throat was much better in the afternoon (it's hanging around as I write this so I may need to take some Dayquil capsules before heading to church).

Friday morning, I awoke to a number that hardly surprised me due to the lower consumption on Thursday.  I was at 265!

265!  That has more meaning that just losing 2.0 pounds.  I finally crossed another milestone.  The BMI range I was previously in was called "Severely Obese" which is between 35 and 40 BMI.  As of this morning, I was below 35 BMI meaning I'm now in the "Moderately Obese" category.  The next BMI goal is to go below 30 BMI into "Overweight", which is 37.6 pounds away from this point.

My total loss is now 18.8 pounds.

Breakfast (7:45am): omelet w/ turkey (no cheese).
I am getting bored of this but there is very little variety in what is offered downstairs in the cafe.

Lunch (12:00pm):  sashimi salad w/ miso soup and one vegetable eggroll
I didn't have much since this sushi restaurant does not offer brown rice (thus negating ordering any sushi roll or sushi).  The eggroll was the one "off-plan" item I had as a co-worker had bought the appetizer for the three of us.  I'll pass next time.  The main offender here was the sweet sauce on the eggroll (but it was OH so good).

Dinner (6:00pm):  Chipotle burrito salad.
Amy and I treated ourselves to dinner out by going to Chipotle.  I ordered a burrito salad (which means no tortilla and more lettuce) with a small amount of black beans (no rice since I was having beans), fajita veggies, chicken, corn salsa and the hot sauce.  That was it.  Amy ordered a side of guacamole which we split.  Quite filling and so good.

I'll post an update again tonight or tomorrow.  I have the 10K run tomorrow morning so I plan on getting to bed early.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Day 3

Yesterday, I got home a little earlier than usual thanks to good traffic and I got lazy.  I didn't mow the lawn or go to the gym this evening.  I did decide to work on part of our dinner.

Dinner (5:30pm): Grilled Chicken, baked eggplant, roasted garlic and Spanish fried rice; unsweet decaf iced tea.
The grilled chicken was Amy's part of the dinner.  She used a seasoning mix for chicken from Sam's Club.  I sliced the eggplant, sprinkled on olive oil, cajun seasoning, cilantro and some sea salt and baked it in the oven with a split open garlic bunch (also drizzled with oil and salt).  The Spanish fried rice was the same recipe I used last week with the addition of three scrambled eggs.  The eggplant was NOT a hit and will probably not make it onto our menu again.  Everything else was really good.

After dinner, we caught a showing of "The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr Mark Hyman" on the local PBS channel at 7pm.  It was a good overview of the whole program Amy and I are doing.  It reminded Amy that she's not been doing her vitamins.  So we went to Target where she got a new 7-day vitamin holder (each day has AM and PM compartments and separates from the holder so that she can carry a single day in her purse instead of the entire week's worth).

This morning, I weighed in and found I'd gained another pound.  Disappointing really, but most likely due to the rice I had with my lunch at the Korean restaurant.  Today I'm working harder to avoid those pitfalls.

Breakfast (6:15am): two scrambled eggs w/ two slices of turkey and crushed red peppers; brown rice cake w/ crunchy peanut butter.
It felt good to fix my own breakfast this morning and it be nice and hot and not reheated in a microwave.  This may be the best way to go as it will force me to get up earlier.  I need to make it a regular thing.

2nd Breakfast (9:30am): apple.

Lunch (11:30am):  Turkey Tom Unwich from Jimmy John's (minus the mayo); half a pickle; handful of Chipotle Lime Cashews (from World Market).
I needed something different for lunch and the Unwich really grabbed my taste buds as they replace the bun with a huge lettuce leaf so it's a sandwich lettuce wrap.

Now tonight I plan on doing the spin class (not my preferred instructor, but since I missed Monday, I'm seriously craving spin class).  Then I'll mow the lawn afterwards and then shower and dinner.  Probably leftovers tonight.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Day 2

So Amy and I went to Aqua Class together at 6pm (my plans for 5pm spin class were nixed by an accident on the drive home that caused me to get home 30 minutes later than usual meaning the class would already be full). It was a very good workout and I spent some time in the dry sauna afterwards.

We got home and showered and had dinner. It was leftovers from our previous night's dinner (pasta) with a salad in place of the baked sweet potato. However, the key factor, in my opinion, was that we were eating at 8pm which is an hour later than usual.

I weighed in this morning and found I'd gained 0.2 pounds. Disappointing after working out the previous day, but consistent with the last week's pattern of big loss, small loss (or small gain), big loss, etc.

Breakfast (7:45am): handful of chili-lime peanuts.
I wasn't very hungry this morning. I also had no time to fix breakfast and just threw together a lunch (the remaining chicken biryani leftover and a cup of applesauce).

Lunch (12:00pm): Korean chicken bulgogi w/ purple rice, assorted side veggies; miso soup.
My boss took me out to lunch today so it was a challenge to stick to the plan. The purple rice was questionable (the book only mentions brown and black and doesn't mention yay or nay on purple), but I enjoyed it anyway. I avoided the potatoes and the dessert drink afterwards. Quite filling.

I'll try to get spin class on Wednesday afternoon.

Monday, June 4, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 2, Day 1

As noted in my previous entry, I weighed in this morning with a loss of 1.4 putting my weight at 266.4. My next goal is to reach 'Apprentice' level, which is 245 or under. So I have lost 3.6 pounds toward that goal and have 21.4 left to go.
I also have 39.4 pounds left to lose to reach 227, which means I cross the BMI chart from "obese" to "overweight". I started with a BMI of 37, which is Obese Class II - Severely Obese. From my starting point of 283.8, that means I'll be 1/3 of the way there when I lose 20 pounds (263.8, only 2.6 pounds away) and 1/2 way there when I lose 30 pounds (253.8). At that point, I will also be at my lowest weight since high school, I think.
Another way of looking at it is that every 14.2 pounds I lose is 5% of my original starting weight. I crossed that line on Friday and lost my first 5%. When I reach the BMI of "overweight" and am no longer "obese", I will have lost 20% of my weight. If I reach my "normal" BMI at 188 pounds, I will have lost 33% or one third of my starting body weight.
For now, I stick to small goals knowing each one leads to the big goal. So here are the upcoming milestones:

  1. Lost 10 pounds

  2. Lost 5% (14.2 pounds)

  3. Lost 18.6 pounds (BMI=35 Obese Class I - Moderately obese)

  4. Lost 20 pounds

  5. Lost 10% (28.4 pounds)

  6. Lost 30 pounds

  7. Reached Apprentice level (lost 38.8 pounds)

  8. Lost 39.4 pounds (BMI=30 Overweight)

  9. Lost 40 pounds

  10. Lost 15% (42.6 pounds)

  11. Lost 50 pounds

  12. Lost 20% (56.8 pounds)

  13. Lost 60 pounds

  14. Reached Jedi level (lost 63.8 pounds)

  15. Lost 70 pounds

  16. Lost 25% (71.0 pounds)

  17. Lost 80 pounds

  18. Lost 30% (85.2 pounds)

  19. Reached Jedi Master level (lost 93.8 pounds)

  20. Lost 33% (95.8 pounds; BMI=25 Normal)

Some groups of these could be crossed in one weigh-in. Others have a range up to 9 pounds between each milestone. However, as you can see, this breaks up my journey into smaller chunks so that each one is achievable. I know I could reach "Lost 20 pounds" this week. In the next two weeks, I may knock out the next two. By the end of the 6 weeks, I may have reached BMI=Overweight. Right know, at the end of two weeks, I've lost 17.6 pounds, if that loss was maintained consistently (it won't be), I would lose 61 pounds. Not realistic, but it does make my hopes of reaching BMI=Overweight (39.4 pounds lost) conceivable before the end of this program. I would also be almost halfway to BMI=Normal.
Enough of that...
Breakfast (7:15am): Baked scrambled eggs
I decided to avoid the nuts for breakfast knowing the salt would only cause some water retention. I'll save them for snacking later.
2nd Breakfast (10:30am): handful of nuts (almonds and chili-lime peanuts)
I was going out to Half Price books with a co-worker for lunch and would not be eating what I brought until after we got back around 12:30pm so I needed something to hold me over.
Lunch (12:30pm): Leftover Chicken Biryani from last week; celery and carrot sticks; three alarm hummus.
This filled me up rather well. I forgot how little rice came with the chicken, but that's the balance I need.
I plan on doing my spin class this afternoon. We haven't decided what to do for dinner, but I need to watch my red meat intake. I stopped my gout medication this weekend as I believe I've had a low-level attack in my left ankle for a few weeks now and just now realized it. Taking a week off the meds to see how the ankle does. If it gets better, I drop the gout medications altogether and hope that this also resolves my limping and shin splints.

BSS Journal - Week 1, Days 6-7

So Amy and I survived the Italian Bistro on Friday Evening. We both had the grilled chicken with steamed veggies and ordered a small bowl of marinara sauce on the side (not knowing the dish would come with a bowl of spaghetti w/ marinara). We also enjoyed a small appetizer of mozarella, tomatoes and mushrooms in a sauce (we avoided the mozarella). We skipped the wine, homemade garlic rolls, cheese bread, pasta and mashed potatoes (the menu didn't mention them but they came on our plate).

Saturday morning, I weigh in and, believe it or not, I lost 2 pounds on Friday.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, rice cakes w/ crunchy peanut butter.

We packed a snack bag with two apples and two containers of nuts (almonds and pistachios). This was in case nothing was available at the meal after church service that we could eat.

Turns out, we were pleasantly surprised to find roast chicken, a pot of beans, and a pot of steamed veggies. The dessert table had many good items, but we could only touch the watermelon. I ended up having a cup of applesauce.

We then spent the evening at my brother's in-laws in their swimming pool. I later snacked on the rest of the pistachios and the apple. I'm still sore in my neck and shoulders as I type this Monday morning.

Sunday, I weigh in and find I lost only 0.2. I'm okay with that. Probably because I had that late evening snack.

I go for a 4mile walk while my running partner does his 55 min workout. We end up at Roots Coffeehouse afterwards where I try a red ginger tea (caffeine-free). It was the weirdest thing to take a sip and the after effect is that of a sweetness in my mouth. It had no sweeteners added to it. It felt a little like cheating, but it was still okay.

I went to Market Street to do some shopping for items to add to our menu for the week and to add to our pantry items that we can use for a while.

Lunch (12:00pm): 3 scrambled eggs with turkey pastrami, jalapeno and brown rice; fresh peach
Notice no mention of breakfast. This was my first meal of the day. Not my usual plan of eating every 3-4 hours.

I shaved the dog as much as I could (he's getting old and feisty) and then we gave him a much needed bath. He seemed to be a much happier dog after that.

Finally showering off, we sit down to watch a few movies and snacking involved some nuts, flaxseed crackers, and fruit.

Dinner (8:00pm): Ground Beef mixed with Napolitano pasta sauce and brown rice pasta; baked sweet potato w/ cinnamon.
This was a much later dinner than we normally do. We had snacked so late that we weren't hungry until then. Overall, a very good meal. The brown rice pasta was better than expected, but it does stick together easier too.

Since this is the last day of Week 1, I'll go ahead and include this morning's weigh-in. I hopped on the scale and it showed 266.2 That is a loss of 1.4 pounds for Sunday, a total of 6.4 pounds for Week 1 and a total of 17.6 pounds for the entirety of the program.

Oh, yeah!

BSS Journal - Week 1 Summary

Here is the summary of my weigh-ins for Week 1:

  • Week 1 Starting weight: 272.6 (-11.2)

  • Monday: 270.8 (-1.8; -13.0 total) [20min each on Treadmill, Elliptical and Bike]

  • Tuesday: 271.6 (+0.8; -12.2 total)

  • Wednesday: 270.0 (-1.6; -13.8 total) [30min each on Treadmill and Elliptical]

  • Thursday: 269.8 (-0.2; -14.0 total)

  • Friday: 267.8 (-2.0; -16.0 total)

  • Saturday: 267.6 (-0.2; -16.2 total)

  • Sunday: 266.2 (-1.4; -17.6 total) [walked 4 miles in 81 minutes; shaved and bathed the dog]

  • Final weight: 266.2 (-17.6; 6.4 this week)

While I did workout twice, it seems to me that there is a pattern here of one day of big loss and another day of small loss or gain.  Friday's big loss had no associated workout and involved going to Freebird's for lunch and Italian Bistro for dinner.  I can't explain it except I made some really good choices that day.

Friday, June 1, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 1, Day 5

Yesterday evening was a new challenge: our first trip to a Tex-Mex restaurant on the plan. Even though we were not paying, we did our best to keep the costs down. It would have been great to have a margarita, chips and queso, and enchiladas. However, we stayed on program to the best of our ability.

I ordered chicken fajitas, replacing the rice and beans with sauteed veggies (couldn't get the waiter to understand we didn't want them cooked in butter, so that ended up being our one cheat), no cheese, sour cream or tortillas. Amy ordered the house salad with no cheese or tortilla strips and the vinaigrette dressing on the side (it probably had sugar in it, but it was the healthiest choice and we only ate it by dipping our forks in the dressing and then into the salad). We didn't have any of the chips, or tortillas brought to us. All this and water and we split both dishes. It was very filling and we weren't hungry later. Thirst was a different matter as it probably still had quite a bit of salt.

This morning, I weighed myself and the scale said 269.8, a loss of 0.2 pounds. I'm no longer in the 280s or 270s. Yes! And all in spite of having Tex Mex.

Breakfast (7:15am): Baked scrambled eggs, turkey pastrami, handful of chili-lime peanuts.
The pastrami helped change up what was becoming a boring breakfast.

Lunch (11:00am): Freebird's Freedom Salad
My Freedom Salad included some pinto beans, ground beef, roasted veggies, pico de gallo, roasted poblanos, toasted garlic, cilantro and habanero sauce. Quite filling and oh so good with the seasoned ground beef. Now that I think about it as I type this, Amy had trouble finding taco seasoning that didn't have sugar... so that may have contributed to the enjoyment.

The scale does not lie. I'll know more tomorrow morning. Of course, I can't be sure since we're also attending a graduation dinner tonight for Amy's niece, Victoria, at an Italian restaurant. Another challenge like yesterday. And so if I gain in tomorrow's weigh-in, I can't be certain which meal did it (unless I KNOW the Italian dinner tonight included no hidden diet taxes).