Thursday, May 31, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 1, Days 3-4

So I prepared a new dish, Chicken Biryani, for dinner on Tuesday night with a salad. It went over very well, but was not quite what I remember a biryani being like. So I'll have to play with this recipe.
Wednesday morning, I weighed in and had my second gain. I believe I ate too many chili lime peanuts on Tuesday and was retaining water due to the salt. I gained 0.8 pounds for a current weight of 271.6.
Breakfast (7:15am): Turkey Omelet w/o cheese
I got an omelet from downstairs at the Cafe in our building. I had to keep a close eye because, as usual, you ask for something special order, they invariably forget and the cook almost put cheese into the omelet. I was very good and the turkey helped.
I had no second breakfast as the omelet filled me up.
Lunch (12:15pm): Greek Buffet
I met a high school friend I had not seen in 20 years, Mark Lewis. He has lived for several years up in Vancouver, but has returned as the game industry kinda dried up in Canada. The Greek buffet (Cafe Greek at Preston & 635) was a good choice as I could have roast chicken, gyro lamb, cooked veggies, hummus and salad (no dressing). It was a good visit and I had my fill going to the buffet twice.
Snack (2:30pm): Chili Lime Peanuts
This was a small handful so that I don't overdo it.
I decided to do a workout this evening because Thursday and Friday evenings we have graduation dinners to attend. Amy decided to join me so we go to the gym at 5pm. I end up doing 30 min on the treadmill and 30 min on the elliptical burning about 800 calories total. Then I hit the dry sauna.
We came home and showered and I proceeded to fix dinner. I broiled the remainder of the brisket that was not cooked for potluck this past Sunday. I prepared some Spanish rice from a recipe I just made up as it sounded good (and it was very good; I've posted the recipe in a separate post).
Dinner (7:00pm): Leftover Brisket (reheated), Spanish Rice, salad w/ dressing, unsweet decaf tea.
So I fixed the uncooked brisket, but discovered that not all cuts of meat are equal. We gave it to the dog and I reheated leftovers from the Sunday brisket. The Spanish rice was a hit and it was all quite filling.
After washing up the dishes and taking care of the trash, I called it a night and crashed (not hearing any of the storms that came through).
This morning, I awoke to thunder and rain... it was awesome and I wanted to sleep in, but couldn't. I felt good about my day yesterday and was eager to see results. I weighed myself and it was an even 270 pounds. I had lost 1.6 pounds yesterday wiping out my previous 0.8 pound gain.
Yeah, it's geeky, but it feels good to be "leveling up".
Breakfast (7:15am): Baked scrambled eggs, chili lime peanuts
As before, the chili lime peanuts make up for the fact I didn't salt the eggs before baking them.
Lunch (11:30am): Leftover Stir-Fry, veggies and hummus.
This was the leftovers from my second stir fry on Friday that wasn't such a hit as the first one. That's what I get for trying something different. Still, another filling meal.
Tonight is a different challenge as we attend a graduation dinner for Amy's nephew, Andrew, at the Rio Mambo restaurant in Colleyville. We have already looked at the menu and chosen to get an order of fajitas (no tortillas, rice, beans, cheese, or sour cream) and a salad and split them both. Only water to drink and we should be good.

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