Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 1, Day 2

I weighed in this morning and showed a loss of 1.8 bringing my total to 13.0 pounds lost. Not bad for the first day of Week 1.

Breakfast (7:15am): Baked scrambled eggs, dozen salted almonds.
This was really more of the texture/appearance of a souffle, but since I had baked it too long most likely (it still looked wet and shiny while complete done), it was rather dry. So I'll have to play with this recipe a little more. Also forgot to add salt to the eggs so the almonds were necessary.

Lunch (11:30am): Leftover Chicken Stir-Fry w/ black rice, carrots, jalapeno hummus.
I finally got around to using the leftovers from Thursday. Still good even cold. Glad I had put some hummus in the container with the carrots as my tub of hummus I left in the fridge at work got thrown out (they had sent an email to let us know that the 10th floor fridge would be cleaned out, but I'm on the 8th floor and we were not told our fridge would be emptied).

Snack (1:30pm): Chili Lime Peanuts
I finally bought a new bag of snacking peanuts for work. I had run out last week and was eating almonds (not a huge fan).

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