Monday, May 28, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 1, Day 1

So this morning began with the weigh-ins to finalize Week 0 and I still felt pretty good that I went to a church potluck and lost 0.2 pounds.


Now the part we were dreading.  No more dairy or glutens.  No milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, etc.  No wheat, barley, oats, etc.

So we got up kinda late and went about preparing breakfast for the new week's requirements.  No butter for the eggs or grits.  No cheese for the eggs or grits.  No cow's milk to drink with the meal.

This meant the following:  turkey kielbasa (half of the 12 oz horseshoe shaped link divided between us for a 3oz serving each), scrambled eggs (5 split between us, 2.5 eggs each) with sunflower oil instead of butter, grits (with Mrs Dash seasoning and some salt.... not enough salt, but I hate oversalting food... sue me), unsweetened vanilla almond milk (I had a small taste, but it wasn't bad; I just settled for water and thought the almond milk would be better in a smoothie).

Overall, a successful first breakfast on the new plan.  The kielbasa was nice and spicy and the grits needed some salt, but it filled us up quite well (I think I had a small peach afterwards).

The rest of the morning was spent watching a couple of movies (snacking only on veggies, hummus, rice crackers and nuts).

Finally, late afternoon, I went to 24 Hour Fitness to put in an hour workout (remembering what it did for me twice last week in terms of weight-loss).  I did 20 min treadmill (fast walking to not awaken the shin splint), 20 min elliptical (the highest calorie burner of the three exercises I did) and 20 min bike (not spin bike).  I finished out with about 12 minutes in the dry sauna to sweat out more and relax my leg muscles.

Dinner was a quarter pound of grass-fed beef with steak rub seasoning mixed in, one baked sweet potato and a salad with sugarless tomato basil dressing from Whole Foods.  It tasted like the house dressing used at many Italian restaurants.  I also had a small side of roasted red pepper hummus mixed with Guinness soaked mustard seeds.  This became my dipping sauce for the beef and it was awesome. All this washed down with unsweet decaf tea.

After dinner, I made some brown basmati rice (to use in a chicken biryani recipe tomorrow that my mother had sent by email) and baked four servings of eggs for the week.  This time I did two scrambled eggs in each ramekin with a little Mrs. Dash.  They baked up rather fluffy, but started to collapse as they cooled:

Everything is ready for this week's breakfast meals.

So now I finish typing up this day's entry before heading to bed (as the rain and thunder pour and rumble outside my office window).   Amy and I are just excited about how this is going to go.  She's also using Excel to track her weight and chart it so that she learns more about using Excel.  So many benefits from this one mutual decision.

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