Monday, May 28, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 0, Days 6-7

So I'm merging these together because it was a busy weekend.  Let's start off with Saturday breakfast (the Saturday morning weigh-in was mentioned in the previous post).

For breakfast, I cooked up half the turkey sausage Amy had mixed up the previous night.  We may be posting that recipe at a later date.  Amy prepared an omelet with onions, bell peppers and butter (our last few days of dairy in this post).  So we split the omelet and sausage and enjoyed it with a glass of milk.
This was the penultimate breakfast with dairy so it had milk, cheese and butter (remember this later, there will be a quiz).

We planned ahead of time and took a veggie tray, hummus, rice crackers and half a watermelon so we could have something to "snack" on after Sabbath services today (it used to be just snacks, but it ballooned to a weekly meal).  We fully intended to come home afterwards and have some cottage cheese or chicken.

At the break, Amy had her apple and some pistachios.  I did fine.

So for the meal afterwards, we discovered someone had brought a salad and roast chicken.  So we ended up with a full meal after all.

That evening we snacked a little on veggies and hummus and nuts.

Sunday Morning, I weighed myself to discover my first gain on the program.  0.2 pounds.  Remember that dairy?  Combine that with probably one too many rice crackers and salty nuts and I was up on my weight.

So today I'd have to work a little harder to not gain.

We repeated the previous day's breakfast only we cut back on the omelet (it was 3 eggs for each of our servings) to two eggs and added yellow grits (with butter and cheese... a recurring theme, but only as this was our LAST day with dairy).

I know we ate more than the recommended serving amount and will have to work on that.

I had prepared a fruit salad the previous night (peaches, blueberries, strawberries, half-and-half (yeah), cinnamon and nutmeg).  No added sugar (the peaches would end up being a bit more tart than I would normally like, but I loved my concoction).  Amy prepared a brisket to cook in the crockpot overnight.  Since we no longer have potatoes in our plan, she only put in carrots and onions:

This morning, Amy made a greek salad while I finished up dividing up the watermelon (we'd only taken half on Saturday).  We also remembered we had planned to make a chocolate pie to use up the last graham cracker crust.  So Amy mixed it up and we were short on milk... so we added half-and-half (this time it didn't matter since we were not eating it; one of the church members, Gail, commented that it had tasted like liqueur).  Since it was still pretty think, it started to tear up the crust some and just overall not look too pleasant.  So I decided to cut up some strawberries into eighths and decorate the top:

Yes, it was rather good looking, but we didn't get to have any of it... it was no on our plan.

So we managed to have a great meal along with some dishes prepared by my mother (chuckwagon casserole) and Gail (brown rice casserole w/ spinach) which also met our plan (both had emailed questions about what we were no longer eating so that they could prepare the dish according to our needs).

The pie looked SO good, but I stuck with the fruit salad I had made.  Gail had happened to cut up a cantaloupe and, of all possible choices, added cinnamon and nutmeg copying my fruit salad without ever having known.

The remains of the fruit salad and cantaloupe would be my last meal Sunday evening.  Very little brisket left, plenty greek salad (but the veggies didn't survive long in the dressing used so we threw it away) and very little watermelon left.

We survived the Sabbath meal and the Sunday potluck and it came out well.  Tomorrow will be the final weigh-in for Week 0 and a summary for the program progress.

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  1. I have to admit, I was a little worried that we wouldn't have much to eat overall, but was so glad it worked out so well! I have been really enjoying more home cooked meals. Of course that means more dish-washing and buying more food, but it's an investment on our health and you really can't put a price tag on that. :)