Saturday, May 26, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 0 Day 5

I made good on my promise and prepared dinner thursday night.  Seeing as most normal sauces anyone would buy in the store contain sugar (and I couldn't find any at the time that were Asian or Indian), I was pretty much left to my own devices.  Rather than recount here the full recipe, I'm making that a separate post and will be useful for reference later.

So I settled on doing a chicken Stir Fry (in an iron skillet) with a side of black rice (Lotus Brand) and a portion of raw carrots.  The final results:

Amy really enjoyed the meal and it was quite filling.  We kept ourselves to the basic plan and only had a 1/2 cup of the rice.  Finished this off with decaf iced tea.  There was still a serving of the stir fry leftover that I put that with another serving of the rice in my lunch container for tomorrow.

I am loving the new program.  It does what Weight Watchers core program didn't do.  The core program had you pretty much eating what we are now for no points counted.  However, we had a small amount of points that could be used on non-core items.  Our problem was sticking to only that set of points.

As we both know now, we can't control ourselves with sweets.  That's why the core program only worked for a short time.  Now with this program, we are forbidden to eat sugars, flours, alcohol and caffeine the first week (then restrict dairy and gluten on top of that for the next six weeks).  Because it is forbidden, we can't just tell ourselves to have a little and hope we don't gorge ourselves.  Now we can say that is not allowed at all and there is no going over our limit.

What we eat now fills us up without making us too hungry for later.  We stick to having 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day and don't stay hungry.  Amy even had a snack of apple slices with peanut butter and she believes that's the first time she's had the combination and loved it.  No more caramel dips for the apple slices.  No more crackers or cookies for the peanut butter.

This is healthy living.

Friday morning, I weighed myself and had lost another pound for a total of NINE.

Breakfast (7:00am):  two baked eggs with a slice of cheese and a few dozen spicy peanuts
I didn't have breakfast until I got to work as I was running late and couldn't eat before I left.  The eggs had to be microwaved this time so I cut them up into small chunks and covered with the cheese slice before microwaving.  They did much better and didn't explode all over the oven.

2nd Breakfast (9:45am): handful of spicy peanuts
I need to find another option... not a huge fan of almonds, but will eat them when that's my only choice.  However, I am a little bit tired of these spicy peanuts.  I need to hit an Indian market to see what options they may have.

Lunch (11:30am):  Korean Chicken Bulgogi tacos (minus tortillas) and kimchee
I went out with my coworker, Rob, to Goghee-To-Go and had the Korean tacos with kimchee.  They normally come in corn tortillas which I removed and put to the side and enjoyed the meat and veggies.  Tasted so good.  Only thing I was not sure about was if the sauce used had sugar (I tasted like it, but it was so minute that I wasn't going to worry).

I had no afternoon snack as we were let out of work at 2pm and I went to meet a friend at Starbuck's (had an iced Passion Tea with no sweetener).  After that, I went home, changed clothes and went up to 24hr Fitness at about 4:30pm.  I went to the spin class room and began a self-led regimen in an attempt to work on my cadence.

Having bike shoes with clips, the rider has the ability to not only push down on a pedal, but also pull up.  So while the left foot is pushing down, the right can pull up and vice-versa.  However, this is not so easy to do as it goes against all previous biking habits.  I had to crank up the tension high so I could push and pull the pedals slowly to build up a cadence (and eventually, a muscle memory).  Once I mastered it at a slower speed, I'd back off some of the tension so I could pedal faster.  I also got where I could do it standing up.

I am, by all means, not fully there yet as it will take some time to get the cadence to be natural and not require the concentration.  Once I am there, that means my legs are working the entire time, but I'm getting almost double the power and speed.

Dinner was a modified version of the stir fry.  I marinated the chicken in red wine vinegar and Mrs Dash Garlic & Herb seasoning overnight.  This I stir fried as before with just 1 and 1/2 green bell peppers, some salsa, and the leftover black rice (saving myself from using another dish to heat it up or put it in the microwave).  This was accompanied on my plate by carrots, rice crackers and jalapeno hummus.

It is now Saturday morning.  I'm late on this post because of my schedule yesterday getting turned upside-down by leaving early.  I just weighed myself again.

My current weight is now 272.6, a loss yesterday of 2.2 pounds.  For the first 5 days of this program, I've lost 11.2 pounds total.  The two highest days were when I worked out at the gym.  So I'm going to try to make that a more common occurrence.

This weekend has two big challenges for Amy and I.  On Saturdays, there is usually a meal after the Sabbath service (it used to be called snacks, but its now just a meal).  We resolved to get through it by taking a veggie tray and watermelon.  We are taking it back as just "snacks" for ourselves.  Rather than take a dinner for ourselves, we'll make do with the situation.

The second challenge is on Sunday when we observe Pentecost.  There is a full potluck after the service.  Amy and I will be taking a dish we can eat and my mother has volunteered to fix something as well that we can enjoy.  She asked me by email what we can't have and is adjusting accordingly.  Perhaps we can start a trend of healthier choices at these meals and during "snacks" on weekly Sabbaths.

This is our first Sabbath morning breakfast with no biscuits, pancakes, waffles, toast, chocolate milk, syrup, honey, jelly, etc.  Amy prepped some ground turkey as turkey sausage adding in several seasonings.  We'll find out how those turned out and enjoy cheese and milk as Monday we have to give up dairy as well.

I am not certain at this time when I'll be posting to the blog again.  Perhaps tonight and Sunday night and then get back to my schedule of weekday afternoons.

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  1. That's awesome! Way to go! I've lost 5 lbs in 5 days without exercise, so that's pretty good! 2 more days to go before week 1 is officially over. :-) I think the more we do it, the easier it gets. Going without diary next week is gonna be a bit I challenge, but not overwhelming. I like that this program makes you go without certain foods in chunks at a time instead of just cold turkey.