Monday, May 21, 2012

BSS Journal - Week 0, Day 1

Today is start of the 2nd week of Prep Weeks before the official start of the Blood Sugar Solution program ( I am calling this Week 0 (zero) as Amy and I are required to cut out sugars, flours, alcohol and caffeine. No more processed foods. The following is my journal entry for today.

Breakfast (6:50am): 13 almonds and an apple
Slightly filled, but the apple wasn’t the best. Need to have something other than apples with me… most likely a cucumber or celery stalk. I should have made time to fix something at home instead of waiting until this late to eat since I woke up at 5:10am.

2nd Breakfast (8:15am): veggie omelet with cheese
Quite satisfied. Really miss having toast or English muffin with breakfast, but this did pretty good still. I’ll have to switch to no cheese next week (or just make my own). I needed this so soon after the first breakfast so my choice should be more substantial than fruit and nuts for first meal. These should be switched so that my main breakfast protein is first and the fruit/nuts serve to tide me over until lunch.

Lunch (11:30am): Grilled chicken salad w/ egg, no cheese, no dressing, Louisiana Hot Sauce, 16oz whole milk
Very full after this meal. The hot sauce was great as a dressing (actually could have used more on it). Not a fan of boiled eggs, but I managed through it okay. The milk was a luxury that I’ll have to drop next week as well.

Afternoon snack (1:50pm): handful of hot spicy peanuts.
While my stomach felt a little full, the nuts are to curb my craving for something sweet right now. My spin class is tonight at 5pm and this will have to do until I’m done with spin class and get home for dinner.

Tonight I will be planning out my week for meals. I should have done this last night, but we ran out of time. I need to prep foods to take for 2nd breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack.

Starting Weight: 283.8

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  1. It was a little challenging for me since I couldn't snack between lunch and dinner while I was out shopping, so when I got home I was really hungry. I did snack on veggies and hummus and cheese to help hold me until dinner. For dinner, I made grilled chicken breasts with baked sweet potato and unsweet decaf tea. For dessert, we had fruit-strawberries and blueberries. That was very filling! A part of me is missing the bread. Probably all the more reason to try to break the addiction. It is kinda hard giving up the soda and candy that was at the house. I didn't gorge on it, but liked having it for when I wanted something sweet. The strawberries we had were a good alternative for something sweet. They were awesome! I love getting fruit and veggies from the farmer's market!