Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time for Change

This week was a swift kick in the keister to get my health situation in order.  My dad ended up in the emergency room due to having a VERY high glucose reading.  He joins my mom and my youngest brother in having Type 2 Diabetes.  Ironic really in that I am the really obese one.

I discovered upon reading up on the metformin medication that my youngest brother and, now, my dad take that it may cause gout attacks, that I had to do something to ensure that I never have to be diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  I would have to go directly on insulin due to my gout history.

So, this week, I began by first removing the high sugar snacks in my drawer at work.  I've put myself on a low/no sugar diet in that I will occasionally have sugar, but it will not be more than once a day if it can be helped.  I will also no longer consume cookies and candy at home except the occasional dark chocolate Hershey's kiss.

No more sodas.  Unsweet tea or water in most restaurants.  Very little alcohol (though due to recent gout attacks, I've cut back on that drastically and I didn't drink much to begin with).

The half of this is exercise.  I will be getting back to doing spin class.  I will be taking up running again.  My running partner and I have a goal to do a 10K by this summer.  We will have to lose some weight to do so, but I am sure it is doable.  I have a personal goal to do the Fort Worth Cowtown HALF-marathon next year (it ran today and we saw a guy at our coffeehouse who had completed the half and it got me motivated to get back into running).

I will also get my bike in running order and start doing some bike rides as well.  I want to get this weight off me.  It will help prevent diabetes and it will make me a better, happier person.

I post all of this because, if you are reading this, I want you to hold me accountable to this.  Chew me out if you see me eating bad foods.  Ask me how the training is going for the 10K (and ultimately half-marathon and full marathon).  Keep me on target, because it is you who have the biggest impact on my change.


  1. Charles, I think that the changes you are making are great, but I would like to suggest one more. I have seen this same change help Dan lower his triglycerides from "about to stroke level" to normal in six weeks and I have seen it take mY mother-in-law from 3 metformin daily to half a metformin a day. Also, it is what helped me lose the most weight. 3 simple words....South Beach Diet. I know what you are thinking, but it has been proven to me over and over. Removing sugar is great, but carbs are a culprit as well and they are in just about everything we eat. Give it a look and see if it is something you can work with, and maybe it could help your parents and brother too.


    P.S. i'll hold you accountable if you will do the same for me! :). (especially in the exercise dept.)

    1. Thx, Toni. I'm not a huge fan of these fad diets and I definitely don't want to get caught up in buying meals. I'm just going to take it one step at a time. For me, the main culprit is sweets and desserts. I know other foods contain carbs, but they're not my weakness and my biggest source of problems.

      I'll definitely hold ya accountable on the exercise. I've already found a 10K that DJ (my running partner) and I may do in June if he agrees.

  2. I can understand, but just so others know, South Beach was developed by a cardiac surgeon because he wasn't seeing improvement in his patient's health on traditional diets. Also, no meals or prepacked foods to buy. We like it because there was a 2 week period to get completely off sugar and bad carbs, then you start adding good carbs. It has really worked well for my diabetic mom-in-law...she was hooked on Mt. dew and daily Snickers bars. I don't go for fad diets either and was told by a hospital nutritionist that things like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are designed for the majority of people to fail so they can get more revenue. Anyway...good luck. I know how hard it is to give up sugar.


  3. You are not alone! I was thinking this week about needing to get back into doing my workouts again. My mom had the same thing. I need to move more and eat less bad carbs and have more of the good stuff. I want us to be around for a long time! We can do this together. Love you!