Saturday, January 28, 2012

Temporary Freedom

I was born in Dallas, TX in 1969.  That officially makes me a United States Citizen... a.k.a. American.  I have been blessed to be raised in a country that does not make the search for scriptural truth a crime.  My Creator knew the best environment available for me to grow and mature and come to know and understand Him (even just a little bit).

Some time in my late 20's, I applied for citizenship in another country.  A future one.  I am now working on learning what it means to be a citizen of that new country currently authored in heaven to be implemented on this earth.

Part of the application involves my behavior as a tentative citizen of that future country living in this current one.  Much of what I learn involves giving up that which most Americans cling.  In some ways, I give up the freedoms that many Americans believe I should not.  They claim the Savior gave them the freedom to do as they please for they say they are guaranteed citizenship.

I, and scripture, say otherwise.  The papers have been filed, but the seal of approval will not be applied until our Savior returns to this earth to setup His Kingdom on THIS earth.  I have the freedom to choose which country I wish to maintain citizenship.  I choose the one coming.  Thus, I give up certain freedoms granted to me in the United States to gain freedom from this physical body in the coming Kingdom.  For me, the answer is obvious when the question is "Bacon or Spirit?" or "Christmas or Passover?".

I hope to be reborn when my Savior returns.   If successful, I will be a citizen of the only true Kingdom from Heaven.  I will have no need of any claim to being an American as it will mean nothing then.  I will have no need of anything physical for I will have become one of His children.

Enjoy your freedoms as Americans, for a Kingdom is coming in which they will be taken away.

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