Thursday, October 6, 2011

My take on the theory of evolution

So, many of you may know that I do adhere to a view that supports the validity of biblical scripture.  I won't go into scripture in this post (I leave that kind of stuff for my other blog LAMB: Living as Modern Believers).  Rather, I show my concerns and problems with the theory of evolution and the behavior of its proponents.

#1 - It is a theory
No matter how you slice and dice it, it has never been made into a "law" by science.  To me, this gives some credence to the idea that it has not been fully proven.  While its proponents will say that it is not unproven, it is not proven either (see #2).  It is like any theory, it is up for debate alongside other possible theories.  At least it should be (see #3).  However, any attempts to disprove this theory are met with derision and scorn (see #4).  In fact, any comments against evolution are immediately greeted with anger, hostility, and disdain.  So much so that it is almost a religion (see #6) and treated as such.

#2 - There is no fossil record
We have millions upon millions of fossils uncovered around the world.  However, there is no fossil record indicating or showing the intermediary steps as Darwin theorized.  He knew in his lifetime that none existed, but believed that future fossil records would vindicate him.

That has not been the case.  Science can't show intermediaries when such records do not exist.  They cannot do that for modern animals nor for dinosaurs.

Instead, all species of animals just "appear" in the fossil record with nothing leading up to them.

#3 - All other sciences allow for consideration of other theories
Many of the following headlines show that various areas of science challenge their own theories and seek to find truth and reality versus just accepting common theories.

It was always taught to me that science is the field of "what if".  Every theory is up for reexamination.  Nothing is set in stone (pun-intended) unless proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

However, any theory that is in direct contradiction of evolution is immediately and vehemently heckled down.  There is no room for "what if" in the field of evolution.  Why?  Intelligent design is another theory that should deserve as much research and devotion, but it is forbidden.

To me this speaks volumes of the validity of this theory as there is true FEAR among the scientific community that the theory of intelligent design may be valid.

#4 - Scientists who adhere to theories other than evolution are pariah in the scientific community
Tenured professors lose their professorship.  Papers considering other non-evolution theories are not published in mainstream scientific journals.  Evolutionists consider non-evolutionists to be complete and utter backwoods idiots.

No other field of science experiences such levels of blacklisting and bigotry.

#5 - Scientists don't even agree on specific parts of evolution
This example was brought up in a video I saw recently titled "Evolution: The Grand Experiment":
Scientists around the world do not agree from which animal the whale has evolved.  One group believes it was they hyena, another a bear and so on.  If this is proven by fossil records, then all would be in agreement.  However, due to no fossil record (see #2), there is no proof to show such a transition and from which animal.

#6 - Evolution is a religion and cult

From defining "religion":
a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
As it stands in complete opposition to other religions, by its own right, it is a religion.  That moral code of conduct involves acceptance of evolution to the exclusion of other theories.  It is against the religion of evolution to preach any other theory.  As many religions, such "heresy" is met with excommunication (see #4).

From defining "cult":
a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc.
I don't think I have to elaborate much on this, but the theory and its creator are considered inviolable.  Like many religious cults, you can be exiled from the group for speaking heresy.

I know many of my friends would disagree with me on these things.  However, this is merely my explanation for what I see as a group of people who take hypocrisy to the highest level with "you can 'what if' about anything except evolution".

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